Create Daily Tasks
Create tasks you want to complete that every day.
Create Save for Later Tasks
Think you’ll forget that thing you want to do? Just mark it as a “Save for Later” and you can bring it into your day of list in the future.
Create Just Today Tasks
Pretty self-explanatory. You can add a task that meant to be for the day of. You can always move it to save for later list if you don’t want to move it today.
Mark the task you want to focus on
Tap the task so that when you get back on you phone, you know what you should be doing.
Day of List Builder
On your first login of the day, the app will prompt you to import — incomplete tasks from yesterday or tasks from save for later list — into the day of list.
To group tasks, you attach a context to your tasks. A context is like a category. The intent is for you to omit the context when make a task title so that you don't have to rewrite the context everytime.